Happy Tails
"Thank you Kathy for selling us Christian. He is such a delight and has the sweetest personality. Everywhere we go people just fall in love with him!" ~ Eve from Surprise, AZ
"When we purchased Darcy, the adoption went so smoothly, and Kathy knew so much about all of her puppies and dogs that we were able to choose just the right puppy for us!  Darcy is such a sweet, loyal and obedient dog!  He's not yappy and obstinate like some Yorkies can be, and he has the thickest most beautiful coat (it must be all the champions in his line)!  We looked and waited a long time for our Yorkie, and he was worth every minute!  In fact, we've enjoyed him so much that we decided to get him a little brother Toby.  It's true, Yorkies are like potato chips - you can never have just one!  Thanks Kathy!" ~ Fawn & Don from Mesa, AZ

Hi Kathy,

Just wanted to send you a picture of Chloe...a year old in February. She is so loved and sooooo spoiled! Please let me know if you ever have another litter.

Karen from Scottsdale, AZ
Thank you so much for our little puppy....he is absolutely adorable.  Everyone just loves him and he in turn thinks people are great stuff.  He already barks to let us know he needs out, he fetches his toys and brings them back to you, he sleeps soundly and quietly every night without fussing and many more little details that totally amaze the both of us.  He is certainly a huge hit here at the North Rim, he has had more visitors to our 5th wheel in just a weeks time than we have had the whole time we've been here! ~ Randy & Tressia from North Rim, AZ

I literally cannot believe how healthy Kira is.  We never have ANY problems.  She's developed a remarkably hilarious personality.  She's doesn't seem to have outgrown her puppy phase at all.  She's always full of energy and so happy all of the time.  It's great! We've traveled with her too, and she's just wonderful.  Truly -- she's a perfect traveling dog. Thank you again for giving me and my husband a dog to love for many, many years who enriches our lives, makes us laugh, reminds us what it is to truly appreciate life and who keeps our other dog as happy as a dog can be with a friend. ~ Ashlee from Phoenix, AZ
I was looking for a puppy to be a companion to me because I am confined to my bed for several days at a time. I spoke with several people who claimed they had THE puppy for me. But when I saw them they weren't quality dogs. So I continued to search. I am very pickie when it comes to buying dogs. I have to speak with the person who has the puppies to see if they are running a puppy mill or if they really care about what they are doing.  Then I spoke with Kathy who was very nice and spoke very highly about her pups. I wasn't sure if she was going to be another person who said a lot but did not deliver. I spoke with her on several occasions because I really wanted to see what type of person she was. It gave me the opportunity to get to know her and how she raised them. I later found out that the conversations showed her that her puppy was going to a good home too. She told me about one of her pups who was laid back and would be perfect for me. I met with her to see if he was a perfect match or not. I instantly fell in love with him. I purchased a male puppy from Kathy who's name is Boomer. Boomer is the best thing that has happened to me and my family. We enjoy everything about him. He is laid back with me when he needs to be. But very playful and fun  with others. He is suppose to be my dog, but I couldn't tell because he spends a lot of time with my husband too. Every morning when my husband comes home Boomer greets him at the door with a happy puppy dance. My grandkids also love to see him when they are visiting.
I have had Boomer for the past 2 years and feel that it is time for him to have a companion. When I do, I will once again purchase the puppy from Kathy because I know exactly what I am getting. A very good quality dog. Until then Boomer and I try to visit with Kathy and her doggies whenever we can. 
Thanks again Kathy for my baby Boomer. ~ Anita A. from Laveen, AZ
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