Thanks for dropping in to meet our Yorkies and their puppies!

As stated above, we do qualify our buyers. We expect that prospective buyers have taken the time to familiarize themselves with the Yorkie breed and are prepared for responsible, attentive ownership.  See the contract and application on this page for details.

Please be advised, we require all our buyers to have their puppy spayed/neutered.  We will reserve AKC papers until written proof of the proceedure is sent by a licensed vet.

Our puppies are individually priced and go very quickly, call us for the most current information regarding availability and  prices. Once qualified, we would be happy to arrange a time for you to see the puppies in person at your earliest convienence.

When you come to purchase your puppy, we will ask you to sign a contract that requires you to return your puppy in the event that your circumstances change so that you can no longer keep him/her, nor find a suitable adoptive home (see our puppy contract). In other words, our commitment to these puppies and our buyers extends well beyond the sale. If this bothers you, you probably should look elsewhere - pet stores are great places to buy a dog without any strings whatsoever.

We strongly recommend you have your puppy microchipped at your first visit to your vet. It's the first step toward protecting the newest member of your family. A properly secured yard is essential, but in the event your Yorkie is stolen or gets out, you will have a much higher chance of being reunited.

We feed our dogs a premium dog food in addition to natural supplements to keep them in optimum shape. We believe well-fed stock leads to more robust offspring. We hope you will be the beneficiaries of our efforts over the years. We hope you will give careful consideration to your puppy's diet, during puppyhood and throughout your dogs life. When you come to pick up your new puppy we will send you home with a gift basket including dietary suggestions to keep your canine companion in tip-top shape.

If you are not familiar with the Yorkie breed, please review information on the Yorkie breed, including information on the temperament, energetic nature, special needs, dietary needs, companionship needs and common medical conditions
     [email protected]                                                              (602) 999-6238
Important Links
Click on the pictures above to open up the photo album and see these beauties up close and personal!
Yorkie Info. by Eukanuba
Yorkie Info. by Royal Canin
Yorkie Grooming Video (part 1)
Yorkie Grooming Video (part 2)


What kind of puppy food should I use?
Royal Canin Baby is what we use, and then you can move to Yorkie Puppy and up from there.

Eukanuba is a close second and slightly less expensive. Some Yorkie owners use it with good results.

Why don't you ship?
We believe Yorkie puppies are too delicate to ship. We prefer our pups to go straight from our arms to yours.  The pups can fly, of course, but he/she should be personally supervised  to ensure the pup's health and safety.

Should I get my dog fixed?
We recommend the male dogs be neutered as soon as the vet will allow, reducing male tendencies (lifting their legs on the furniture, etc.), and fixing the females reduces health problems later in life.

Why are your dogs better than others' dogs?
We're breeding for personality first and pedigree second.  Our goal is to have calm loving companions.  We work for a variety of personalities (some for quiet lap dogs, some to chase a ball), but all have a good temperament.

What size do you offer?
We offer a variety of sizes, from 3 lb. Lap dogs to 8 lb. Playmates for children and larger dogs.

What colors do you offer?
We offer Black & Gold, Blue & Gold, Blue & Tan and sometimes we have some beautiful and rare White headed Yorkies available.

Steps for Purchase:
It's important to us here at Kathy's Yorkies that our puppies are placed in secure, happy, forever homes.  

With this in mind we require two (2) documents from our buyers.  

First, please read over the contract to make sure you agree with everything you will be required to sign.  

Second, please fill out the puppy application for our review.

Once we receive the application, (and you are approved for one of our puppies) we will contact you to set up an appointment to see the puppies in person.

Thank you for your time and understanding.  ~Kathy
Off-Site Appointment Policy

On occasion, we've been asked to meet prospective buyers off location.  This is an arrangement we can usually work out.  If the meeting point is more than 10 miles outside of Surprise, we will need reimbursment for gas whether or not a puppy is purchased.
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Current Puppies

Because our puppies are in such high demand we are working out the kinks to make sure pictures of available puppies are current and up to date.  The pictures posted above are of puppies that have already found their new homes, but are examples of the beautiful line we carry.  If you don't see the pup you want in the "Available Puppies" section above, try  OUR BLOG (we've added a link above to make it easier to get to the blog) to see currently available puppies or give us a call or email us.  All our contact information can be found on our contact page! 
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Sometimes we only post certain puppies to our blog, so if you don't see what you're looking for here, be sure to check our blog! Click the button below to go there now!
Available Puppies 
Click on the images to open the album
Jackson: $1200 (male)
From Bridgette/Gucci (AKC registered)
4-5 lbs. Full Grown
Sweet boy, takes after his parents.  Priced to go quickly!
Mitsy: $2,000 (female)
From Apache/Connor (AKC registered)
3 lbs.  Full Grown
Picture perfect little girl, take her home for unlimited snuggles today!
Step 1: Contract
Step 2: Application
Jenny: $1,500 (female)
From Cheyenne/Jake (AKC registered)
4-5 lbs. Full Grown​
Stunning little beauty, full of kisses and loves playtime. Ask how to qualify for this sweetheart!
For information and current pictures of available puppies, call 602-999-6238